Accelerator Physics Group


The Accelerator Physics Group is doing research and development in the field of particle accelerators. This group is divided to the Beam Dynamic, Radio-Frequency, Beam Diagnostic, Magnet, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Vacuum, Electron Guns & Ion Sources, Radiation Protection, Control and Novel Accelerators sub-groups.

This group has a collaboration with CERN in the CLIC and LINAC4 project. As an example the beam dynamic study and the design of the electron gun and the most RF components of the CLIC Drive Beam Injector was done by this group.

This group also is working on the electron linear accelerator project that is close to finish.

This group has a collaboration with the ILSF (Iranian Light Source Facility) and also looking for the further international and national collaborations.





Senior Postdoctoral Researchers Postdoctoral Researchers Resident Researchers Students
M. Dayyani Kelisani S. Ahmadian Namin J. Alizadeh Nouri N. Mesbah
  S. Barzegar E. Darvish  
  A. Mokhles Gerami A. Karegarian  
    R. Kavusiomid  
    M. Lamehi Rashti  
    H. Saberi  




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