7th IPM Workshop on Particle Physics Phenomenology (IWPPP7)

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

December 21, 2022 (Azar 30, 1401)

The IPM Workshop on Particle Physics Phenomenology (IWPPP) is an annual meeting organized by the School of Particles and Accelerators of IPM. This year, the seventh meeting of this workshop series will be held in hybrid format (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) on December 21, 2022 (Azar 30, 1401). The aim of this workshop is to bring together specialists in different areas of high energy particle physics from different institutes to discuss the latest research findings. The opportunity to get to know others and to exchange ideas is also one of the main purposes of this workshop. The main focus of the talks in this meeting is the particle physics phenomenology and its implications in our pursuit of physics beyond the standard model. This event is intended to provide opportunities for graduate students, postdocs and researchers to expand knowledge and broaden research horizons.


  Registration deadline: December 18, 2022 (Azar 27, 1401)

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