Theoretical High Energy Group


The School of Particles and AcceleratorsTheory Group is involved in activities ranging from string theory, quantum field theory, quantum information theory, quantum gravity models in various dimensions, gauge/gravity correspondence and particle cosmology to particle physics phenomenology.

The phenomenology group focuses on the connection between particle physics theory and collider experiments.  Standard Model and beyond the standard model physics with a particular emphasize on effective field theories and how they could be detected by the experiments are of the activities of the group. A broad range of subjects in particle physics ranging from heavy quarks and Higgs to dark matter are studied.

Members of the theoretical high energy group are also involved in cross-disciplinary researches such as physics of dissipative quantum systems, relativistic hydrodynamics and heavy ion collisions.


Faculty Senior Postdoctoral Researchers Postdoctoral Researchers Resident Researchers Non Resident Researchers Students
A. Naseh F. Taghinavaz M. Kiamari M. Ghasemi H. Khanpour B. Taghavi
  M. Asadi (Externally Funded) M. Soleymaninia M. Moosavinejad  
    H. Zolfi K. Azizi D. Haji Raissi
  Associated Researchers S. Rezaie S. Atashbar Tehrani M. Goharipour  
  -------- A. Kianfar T. Golestanizadeh  
    M. Tabatabaee L. Shahkarami  
    A. Shirzad
    S. Rouhani    
  Sabbatical   M. Azizi    
  K. Babaei        
  A. Olamaei        


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