One day Workshop on Experimental Particle Physics: Detector & Applied Electronics
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences(IPM)

November 14, 2018 (Aban 23, 1397)

Speakers and Title of Talks

  Speaker Title of Talk
  V. Amoozegar   High-Resolution Timing Measurement in the RPC Data Taking System
  S. Ashrafi   Application of CMOS Sensors in Radiation Detection (pdf file)
  B. Boghrati   RPC New Link System for CMS Upgrade Phase-II: Overview and Technical  Discussion
  S. M. Etesami
  The Precision Proton Spectrometer (PPS) at the LHC
  M. Ghahremani   IPM Cosmic Ray Detection Using Plastic Scintillator / Design and Manufacturing  of a Gas Detector for Soft X-Ray and Spatial Resolution Measurement  
  N. Ghal-eh   Scintillation Detectors (pdf file)
  H. Ghasemi   LHC Timing System and Giga Bit Optical (GBT) Link Protocols
  S. Jamili   The Effect of Temperature on FPGA in the CMS ECAL Upgrade / Construction of a SiPM Electronic Board for Quartic Timing Detector  
  M. Mahjour Shafiei   EXL Detector and Physics
  A. Ramazani   Radiation Effects in Electronics and Mitigation Techniques



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