Second Iran & Turkey Joint Conference on LHC Physics

October 23-26, 2017 (1-4 Aban 1396)

Speakers and Title of Talks


  Speaker Title of Talk
1 Abbasi, Navid, IPM Hydrodynamic fluctuations in QGP (pdf)
2 Akgun, Bora, CERN Performance of the CMS Phase 1 Pixel Detector (pdf)
3 Azizi, Kazem, IPM Recent progresses in heavy hadron physics (pdf)
4 Boghrati, Behzad, IPM Phase 2 upgrade of RPC Link System (pdf)
5 Cerci, Salim, AdiyamanUni. Tests of QCD using jets at CMS (pdf)
6 Charlot, Claude, LLR Higgs in CMS (H->4l) (pdf)
7 Chenarani, Shirin, IPM Measurement of the cross-section for tW production in dilepton final state at 13 TeV (pdf)
8 Denegri, Daniel, CERN & CNRS From W/Z to Higgs Boson (pdf)
9 Elahi, Fatemeh, IPM Using the Modified Matrix Element Method to constrain Lμ − Lτ Interactions (pdf)
10 Eskandari, Esmaeel, IPM LHC Results on the SM Higgs Boson in b-bbar and c-cbar Final States (pdf)
11 Etesami, Mohsen, IPM Top quark production in association with a vector bosons at CMS (pdf)
12 Farzan, Yasaman, IPM Recent Developments in Neutrino Physics (pdf)
13 Hesari, Hoda, IPM Study of Higgs effective couplings at e − p collider (pdf)
14 Jofrehei, Arash, SUT The CMS ECAL Upgrade for Precision Crystal Calorimetry at the HL-LHC (pdf)
15 Kaveh, Hessamoddin, IPM Measurement of the W boson helicity using top pair events in the dilepton final state (pdf)
16 Khakzad, Mohsen, IPM Central exclusive and diffractive production at CMS (pdf)
17 Khatibi, Sara, IPM Constraining the monochromatic gamma-rays from dark matter annihilation by the LHC (pdf)
18 Khosroshahi, Habib, IPM Shedding light on darkness with galaxies (pdf)
19 Kodolova, Olga, SINP MSU Aspect of QCD Physics in CMS (pdf)
20 Mohammadi Najafabadi, Mojtaba, IPM Top quark protperties at CMS and the EFT interpretations (pdf)
21 Neshatpour, Siavash, IPM Flavour anomalies and their implications for New Physics (pdf)
22 Nikitenko, Alexander, Imperial College, London, Uk BSM Higgs searches in CMS (pdf)
23 Ozturk, Sertac, Gaziosmanpasa Uni. Searches for new physics in dijet and multijet final states with CMS (pdf)
24 Pugliese, Gabriella, Dipartimento di Ficica di Bari Phase II upgrade of the Muon System (pdf)
25 Rezaei, Ferdos, IPM High-Luminosity LHC and its potential for selected standard model measurements with CMS (pdf)
26 Roos, Lydia, LPNHE/IN2P3/CNRS Higgs studies and related searches in ATLAS (pdf)
27 Sunar Cerci, Deniz, Adiyaman Uni. Forward and Low-x Physics in CMS (pdf)
28 Taghavi, Farid, IPM Flow Harmonic Probability Distribution in Heavy Ion Collision (pdf)
29 Wulz, Claudia, HEPHY New ideas in L1 Trigger (pdf)



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